Do you have items to buy, sell, trade or giveaway?   Do you have an estate sale, yard or garage sale coming up?  Want to make some extra cash by selling items around your home, from your barn, workshop or shed?  Call K96 during Trading Post Monday - Friday following the Town & Country show.

For Sale: Pecans in the shell, some are paper shell. Call 305-5452.

Want to Buy: German Shepherd puppies. Call 580-418-8154.

For Sale: 2004 Hyundai Sonata also looking for someone to install a transmission in a 1997 Thunderbird. Call 580-418-8154.

For Sale: sleeping bag, electric skillet, crock pot, microwave and 8 track radio. Call 580-318-1783.

Call in during our live Trading Post program weekdays following the morning Town & Country Show.

To list your items on Trading Post for FREE, call 335-5923, E-mail to, Fax to 335-7659 or drop information off at KYBE Studios 207 West Grand, Frederick.

Trading Post airs Mon - Fri at approx 8:45am & Saturdays at 8:15